More testimonials for wedding ceremonies and pre-marital counseling. 

Testimonials from Workshops 

Students of Sex and Intimacy in Romantic Relationships, offered at Denver University, Life Long Learning, April and November 2022

Steve and I are so impressed with your class! The tools you have offered us will indeed help us resurrect our relationship into something we can sustain and build on and have the love we both want. We will be forever grateful we found your class and now have you to work with as we get back together.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this class! 

- Linda W., 2022

Charts, live demo, tons of interesting resources were fabulous!        - Zach, April 2022

The presentations were very good, detailed, and relevant. The facilitator was tactful, able to make students feel comfortable, gave time and space for discussion, and provided excellent resources on the subject.      - Teresa Z., Nov 2022

The topic is so interesting!         - Bill W., Nov 2022

Paul is extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject, and brings a wealth of insights, both from research and his personal experience. I learned much about the dynamics of relationships and, more importantly, much about myself in general.      - Alyssa B., Nov 2022

I will be watching for future classes taught by Paul.      - Sandra, Nov 2022

I liked Paul’s frankness, expertise, humor and awareness.       - Elizabeth R., April 2022

Testimonials from Counseling

Happy to have found a counselor like Paul who truly welcomed our "dirty laundry" without judgment and willing to help. I appreciated his free session and opportunity to get to know him first and see what he could offer . He introduced us to the Enneagram personality types which to me was Gold in terms of dealing with everyone in my life and not just my partner. Knowing my type and my stage of maturity has helped me strive to be the best version of myself. Knowing my partner's type also changed my expectations and approach to different situations with him. I like the concept that "you can never change your type" but can grow and evolve into healthier versions of other types. I Recommend Paul to anyone seeking to improve their relationships with people in general, and especially with their significant others. I feel so empowered.

- Browny N., Nov 3, 2021


Paul has a very caring nature and is easy to talk to.  Both my husband and I felt comfortable being open and honest discussing subjects that previously we found hard to talk about.  He helped us start our journey of reconnection after years of resentment and feelings of defeat.  We always knew Paul was in our corner, working on our behalf, to bring new levels of connection and intimacy into our marriage.

- Kathryn M., spring 2020


Paul did a wonderful job with our relationship counseling! He is easy to talk to, and made us feel comfortable. We loved the engaging discussions we had with Paul, and feel like we came away with lots of good advice. Would highly recommend!

- Andrew and Nathália, summer 2019



Counseling with Paul was a delightful experience. This has given a boost to my marriage of 11 years. I had anxiety with being labeled as the "uninterested" person of the couple, and this comprehensive coaching experience helped me realize there is nothing wrong with me, it was just a case of having gone my whole life being misunderstood! We did marriage therapy a couple of years ago and that helped, but working with Paul was very specific, learning the nuts and bolts. My husband, too, has grown from the experience, and we are a revitalized sexy couple. His knowledge of the "erotic blueprints" is excellent. Thanks Paul!!

- Emily R., fall 2018


Paul is an exceptional counselor! He created the space that allowed me to step into a place of love and acceptance for my desires.  Working with him has been a crucial part of opening up.  I now feel empowered and alive with sexual expression I never imagined was possible.

- Michaela, summer 2018


More testimonials for wedding ceremonies and pre-marital counseling.