Pastor's Guide to Get Started

Offering a workshop or course to your congregation is a big step!  Here are steps you may want to consider.

1.  Do the workshops and courses address the needs of my church?

2.  Your congregants may be shy in vocalizing their need for a ministry catering to physical and emotional intimacy.


3.  Decide which is best to offer your congregation.


Amazing Intimate Relationships (AIR) workshop

  • Faith, scripture, physical and emotional intimacy
  • Offered on-site, at your preferred location
  • One 8 hour session, OR
  • Two 4 hour sessions over 2 days.  





Enneagram Foundations course

  • Develop laser-sharp communications skills, learn your God-given gifts
  • Offered on zoom video OR on-site
  • 9 weeks, 2 hours/week

This may be an excellent option to start with - your attendees will develop rapport with the instructor.  After trust is developed, you may be ready for the AIR workshop

4.  Schedule a Discovery Session to discuss the needs of your constituents

Schedule a 30 min Session with Rev. Paul
No cost consultation.  We can meet in-person in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area, or by zoom video anywhere.

5.  Still not sure?  Learn more via the newsletter

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