for Churches and Organizations    (ages 18+)

Workshop Title: 
Amazing Intimate Relationships (AIR) 

Workshop Description


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Workshop Curriculum
for the Amazing Intimate Relationships (AIR) workshop

NOTE - This workshop is only offered in-person, at your site.  This is due to the private and personal nature of the topics discussed.  

Either the AIR workshop or the Enneagram Foundations course can be taken first.

Three Ingredients for Developing Intimacy

1.  Faith  

2.  Physical Intimacy 

  • Couple differences
    • Libido -  I'm interested, my partner is not
    • I think our intimate life is great.  My partner doesn't agree
  • Discovery and nourish your intimacy style 
    • This is not the same as your Love Language - this addresses arousal patterns.
    • Paul has undergone training and is certified to teach this, which he does from a Christian perspective.  Includes a demo with no nudity.
      • Energetic - Spiritual and Emotional Connection
      • Sensual - Titilating all 5 Senses
      • Sexual - Straightforward Sex - Common in the Movies
      • Kinky - What is kink; is it appropriate for Christians.  Learn about Vanilla Kink.
      • Shapeshifter - Needing ALL of the above
  • Obstacles
    • Pornography
    • Infidelity

3.  Communication 

NOTE - the Enneagram Foundations course addresses this topic in greater depth.  


NOTE - Workshop and courses will SUPPORT the teachings of the pastorIf a couple asks, who should have sex, or when is it ok to have sex, I respond that is between you and God and your pastor 

Who attends the workshop? 

You choose who to invite from your congregation

  • Married couples
  • Engaged couples
  • Couples dating or in a relationship
  • Singles on a path to meet their mate
  • Pastor and spouse

      Offered LIVE at your location of choice  

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