for Churches and Organizations    (ages 18+)

Workshop Title: 
Amazing Intimate Relationships (AIR) 

Workshop Description



Workshop Curriculum
for the Amazing Intimate Relationships (AIR) workshop

Three Ingredients for Developing Intimacy

1.  Faith  

2.  Physical Intimacy 

  • Couple differences
    • Libido -  I'm interested, my partner is not
    • I think our intimate life is great.  My partner doesn't agree
  • Discovery and nourish your Intimacy style 
    • This is not the same as your Love Language - this addresses arousal patterns.
    • Introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™.  This is your God-given intimacy style.  Paul has undergone training and is certified to teach this, which he does from a Christian perspective.  Includes a demo with no nudity.
      • Energetic - Spiritual and Emotional Connection
      • Sensual - Titilating all 5 Senses
      • Sexual - Straightforward Sex - Common in the Movies
      • Kinky - What is kink; is it appropriate for Christians.  Learn about Vanilla Kink.
      • Shapeshifter - Needing ALL of the above
  • Obstacles
    • Pornography
    • Infidelity

3.  Communication 


NOTE - Workshop and courses will SUPPORT the teachings of the pastorIf a couple asks, who should have sex, or when is it ok to have sex, I respond that is between you and God and your pastor 

Who attends the workshop? 

You choose who to invite from your congregation

  • Married couples
  • Engaged couples
  • Couples dating or in a relationship
  • Singles on a path to meet their mate
  • Pastor and spouse

      Offered LIVE at your location of choice  

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