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Message for Pastors

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Supporting the Pastor's Ministry

I partner with Pastors to expertly and compassionately address their congregation's needs, by offering:

  • An 8 hour workshop, called Amazing Intimate Relationships
    • Workshop is for couples in your congregation, hosted by you at your church
  • Exegetical insights on scriptures that reference sex & intimacy
  • Learn how a Sacred Relationship encompasses Faith, Communication, and Intimacy Styles
  • Discussions of difficult topics in a safe space, like pornography, infidelity, and differences in libido
  • Marital & couples counseling to augment your pastoral team

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After fifteen years of counseling couples, I felt called by the Lord to help couples in churches grow in faith, by addressing unmet intimacy needs.

About Me

Pastors - book a complimentary Brainstorming Session
Schedule a 15 min Brainstorming Session to discuss your pastoral challenges regarding couples  No cost consultation. Meeting will be via zoom video.


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