These courses are available in-person or zoom video.  For better retention of wisdom learned, these are offered in sessions 2 hours/week over several weeks.

Courses Offered

Enneagram Foundations
9 weeks, 2 hours/session
One Enneagram type is covered per session

  • Prerequisite - NONE
  • Learn your God-given gifts.
  • Know your triggers, blind spots, vices, and virtues so you can have effective communication with your partner.
  • Lecture, slides, class discussion.
  • Option to use panelists.  For example, when learning about Enneagram type SIXes, it is a deeper, richer experience to listen to SIXes on a panel be interviewed by a facilitator, and to have an opportunity to ask the panelists a question.

What is the Origin of the Enneagram?



Why is the Enneagram a great tool for pastors?  See these short videos on my sister site.  




Enneagram Deepening
9 weeks, 2 hours/session
One Enneagram type/session

  • Prerequisite - Enneagram Foundations
  • Lecture, slides, class discussion, videos.
  • In this course we will watch and discuss videos of examples of the nine Enneagram types, in the full range of healthy, average, and unhealthy expressions.  We will learn where each type sits in the Body Center, growth and stress paths, and Hornevian and Harmonic Triads. 
  • Prior Enneagram knowledge required.

Who uses the Enneagram?




Enneagram & Sexual Expression
9 weeks, 2 hours/session
One Enneagram type/session
Prerequisite - Enneagram Foundations, above

  • Lecture, slides, class discussion
  • Examine how your sexual expression, both healthy and under-evolved, is affected by your Enneagram type.


Intimacy & Faith Journey

  • Prerequisite - AIR Workshop
  • This is a follow-up ongoing support group, after attending AIR.  Participants to embody what they learned via the AIR workshop or other courses, into practice in their relationships/marriage and faith journey.


Customized Course

Contact Paul for a hybrid course that can be tailored for any unique needs your community may have.  Here are some possibilities:

  • 5 Intimacy Styles, a deeper dive
  • Communication skills
  • Scripture and Sexuality



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